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The firm handles many age discrimination cases for employees, executives and professionals who have been subjected to age discrimination as a result of being terminated in a reorganization, being replaced by a younger less-salaried employee or having been passed over for a qualified promotion. Age discrimination is a result of an employee affected by disparate treatment, causing some to be treated more favorably than other employees.


Age Discrimination


Workplaces must adhere to the law which provides employees with an environment free from any form of discrimination based on age.


While it is generally not unlawful to experience run of the mill changes in a workplace organization, even if there is some kind of unfair treatment, unequal compensation, layoffs, or promotions/demotions, it is not necessarily illegal unless it can be proven that it is due to an illegal reason such as age discrimination.


For Example:


A company might choose to re-organize a division of itself, and in doing so it may choose to retain, promote, or assign further responsibility to a younger employee(s), while laying off an older more seasoned employee(s). While the company might see value in retaining and endowing the younger less-salaried employee(s), it’s action might constitute a claim of age discrimination for the older employee(s).


To prevail in this kind of case, plaintiffs need to prove the claim of age discrimination. The best kind of proof for this case would be direct evidence of disparate treatment, though circumstantial evidence of disparate treatment can also play a factor to make the case, especially when there is plenty to go around.

If you believe that you have a claim of age discrimination that can be supported with direct or circumstantial evidence, let us analyze your claim thoroughly and consider all matters of discrimination that may apply. Regardless of the discrimination situation, we will take our understanding of the law, coupled with our experience and resources to prove your case and get the compensation you deserve. We invite you to contact us today to seek more information or to schedule a confidential consultation for your case. We are conveniently located in Downtown Chicago to serve our local residents..


The firm assists all employees, professionals and executives who have been victims of age discrimination in the workplace whether the discrimination is in the form of termination, reassignment or promotion related.


The firm also assists employees, professionals and executives who are experiencing discrimination and retaliation for having reported harassment, whether the harassment is due to sex, race, national origin or religion.


Contact Lisa Kane & Associates today for a confidential consultation.

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